About us


Amrita Store is part of Amrita Enterprises Pvt Ltd, based in Amritapuri, Kollam District in the state of Kerala in South India. It is an online retail initiative conceived with the idea of making available a good variety of household shopping at your doorsteps.

Our organization receives its inspiration from Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, affectionately called 'Amma' by devotees spanning the globe. On our shelves among others, you will find books and titles related to the life and teachings of Amma.

Equally paramount is our aim to help rural folks of India become self reliant by organizing channels of empowerment, especially women, making them ready for the challenges of the future while helping them retain and preserve their traditional ways of life and livelihoods. Amrita Store, as much as possible, sources merchandise working with Self Help Groups throughout the length and breadth of India.

Our objective through this website is to fulfill the typical requirements of an Indian household, rural or urban, as a single purchase point of most of a household's routine needs. 



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